Who We are

We are committed to building a better future for the next generation through technology and education.

EMO-HAITI officially started in February 2017 out of a deeply rooted desire to give back to Haiti in the most impactful way possible: help prepare the young generation for a technology-driven future. We are a volunteer-led organization (so far) comprised of young Haitian professionals committing their time, personal resources and skills to bridge the technology gap in local schools and work towards a stronger and more equitable education system in Haiti.

Why are we different?

  • We focus on long-term impact
  • We bring together young Haitians in the diaspora and in Haiti in the most effective way
  • We strive to ensure a technology-driven and quality education is available to the young generation
Our Mission

Create, distribute and promote technology solutions for effective teaching and school management while increasing access to computer programming education for K12 students.

Our Vision

Every teacher, student, school administrator and parent in Haiti has access to the right technology tools for an enhanced and more relevant teaching and learning experience.

What we do

We create programs to bridge the technology gap in schools in Haiti


School management platform


Premiere gathering of thought leaders and organizations working in Education in Haiti on the integration of technology in the system.

Computer Labs

We build computer labs to increase access to students in less privileged areas.