BRAVO to bring a BIG change in the Haitian Education System

BRAVO is a world-class school management platform build from scratch for the Haitian education system. See the video to learn more

Why BRAVO is different?


EMO-HAITI takes pride in providing most modules in BRAVO free of charge. We want to level the playing field by giving access to the same technology to small and big schools for the ultimate benefit of all students

Online and Offline

Although internet access has been growing in Haiti, the penetration is still around 12 % of the population. BRAVO is built with state-of-the-art offline and synchronization capabilities that allow for use both in online and offline mode.

Mobile App

Parent involvement is critical in ensuring the success of students. BRAVO provides a mobile app for parent engagement that allows for communication and access to the student progress information.

Grades Management

BRAVO aims at reducing the time teachers and schools administrators spend managing grades by 50% by providing an easy-to-use interface for grading of homework and exams and automatic calculations of class statistics.

Communication Module

BRAVO features a full fledge communication module for schools to contact their teachers and parents more easily and exchange pertinent information in a timely fashion.


Quantifiable Results

BRAVO allows for school to start measuring and monitoring their performance in a quantifiable manner. The availability of high quality data is ulitmately expected to lead to more efficient and effective schools.