Robot Challenge Haiti is a robotics competition powered by EMO-Haiti to introduce Haitian students to 21st century STEM skills.


Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators

Every year, teams of 5 students take Python, Linux, IoT courses, receive career guidance from mentors, build their own robots, and compete to win the national robotics competition.

Learn Python and IoT

Students take IoT, Python, and Linux courses. They also attend tech workshops to learn the latest trends in robotics.

Work with Mentors

Students are paired with mentors and receive personalized coaching and support from STEM experts.

Build Custom Robots

Each team receives a robotic kit with key components to design and build their robot.

Image showing the logo of the robotics competition with the name robot challenge HT.

Robot Challenge Haiti

The Robot Challenge Haiti is a yearly competition designed to enhance students’ career development through STEM skills acquisition and relationship building.

For the 2022 edition, the teams will design and build a robot to address issues related to natural disasters. This program is open to High School and first-year University students.


The Competition Process



Registration is open to teams of High School and first-year University students. Each team needs to have 5 members and they must register within the time-frame indicated on the registration form.



Eligible teams will be preselected to participate in the competition. All teams are expected to engage fully and work diligently during the following preparation stage. Any team missing assignments and/or displaying a lack of interest will be dropped from the competition and banned from participating in any future competition.



The preselected teams will go through a rigorous preparation period, where they will complete coursework that will prepare them to design, build and test their robots. A separate stream of training seminars will provide them with more general knowledge in the STEM field.



A total of 14 teams will be selected to participate in the competition based on their grades from the IoT and Python courses and their final project proposal created during the preparation period. Only these teams will receive robotic kits and be allowed to continue in the competition.


Robot Building

Each team will use their design criteria to build their robots with the components provided in their kits. During this team stage, they must troubleshoot, fix, and polish their robots to conform with their design and complete their tasks successfully. Mentors will be available to all the teams during this stage to help answer their questions and offer directions.



Each team is required to prepare a short video presentation (3-5 minutes) to showcase their robot in action. The presentation should clearly outline the problem(s) along with the solution(s) brought forth by their robot. The presentation should also demonstrate the teamwork nature of the completed project, along with the various tasks the robot can perform successfully.


Voting and Winners Selection

An independent group of judges will use the following criteria to assign scores to each team: robot completeness, quality, number of tasks the robot can successfully perform, usefulness, creativity/originality, teamwork, and quality of the presentation. The public will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite project to win the People's Choice Award.

Make an Impact

Your generous contribution makes a tangible impact on the lives of Haitian students.

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